DJ BOBBI RED ALERT CONCERT is one of its kinds DJ show that is
set to change the Nigerian entertainment industry for good.
Through this mind-blowing event, DJ Bobbi will be providing
platform to entertain about 3000 people and empowering 15
young minds.
it’s an electrifying visual musical concert that will feature
performances by top Nigerian Artists home and abroad, DJS,
seasoned Comedians, Actors / Actresses and Nigeria’s no 1 live
band; Salt Of The Earth (the indomitable team) the most unique
feature of the night will be awarding of full scholarships as
corporate social responsibility (CSR) to 15 lucky participants to
DJ Bobbi’s scratch academy who will be picked from a lucky
draw. This event is sure to be the talk of the entertainment
industry for a long time to come.
This event is slate for Sunday 3 rd November, 2019. At Bay
Lounge water front, Lekki- Lagos. Rep carpet 6pm.
1. Main event
2. Dj scholarship award
3. Live raffle draw
4. Post event.

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